Magpies Magazine - May 2017 - Review

¨Sacha Cotter´s use of language is highly imaginative and rolls off the tongue, making this a delightful read aloud. Josh Morgan´s quirky, vibrant illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to the text. The Marble Maker is a rare gem that is certain to reach a wide audience and will no doubt inspire many young inventors and potion makers. Highly recommended.¨

Rotorua Daily Post - Online Review

¨And on reading Keys / Nga Ki, the possibilities of making magic with storytelling is very obvious. It is a warming and delightful read that can transport you back in time and even had me reliving the moments during my childhood where my dad would be leaving for or returning from nightshift and pop into my room to say hello or goodbye, reassuring me that he is here to care for and protect me.¨

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Rotorua Daily Post - print Review

The Rotorua Post says, "Cotter's creative words are perfectly accompanied by bright, detailed illustrations by Josh Morgan."